Co-designing Our Regenerative Agriculture Future — Arlington, Virginia — Oct. 29, 2016

The DC region has all the ingredients needed to take a regenerative future from demonstration to scale. The powerful mix of technical know-how, policy expertise, entrepreneurial creativity, and political and financial levers are all here. This one-day, open-space conference is a chance set a path to make it so. But “We” need You.

On this day we come together to answer: “How can we best combine our knowledge, skills, and activities across sectors to kick start a Regenerative Future?” The event is hosted by: George Mason University; RASA; ArlingtonGreen; and Regeneration International.

Why “regenerative”?

The opportunity to address global warming and the climate crisis as well as reduce poverty, improve public health, and increase biodiversity, lies right under our feet, and at the end of our knives and forks. Food, agriculture, land use, and ocean management present tremendous opportunities for improvement across many dimensions.

Regenerative initiatives create value while they contribute to the planet. Regenerative, as it relates to food and agriculture, is based on sound ecological principles that rejuvenate the soil, grasslands and forests; replenish water; promote food sovereignty; and restore public health and prosperity—all while cooling the planet by drawing down billions of tons of excess carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil where it belongs. Regenerative agriculture is being practiced around the world today, but it is critical to scale it up.

A regenerative future will provide nutritious food, rich soil, increased biodiversity, rich healthy oceans, thriving forests, stronger communities, healthier people, a more stable climate, and more beautiful landscapes.

What is an “unconference”?

An “unconference” is a self-organizing meeting at which the attendees decide on the agenda and the topics to be discussed. It’s an increasingly popular format because it allows for thoughtful, productive, and intense interaction between all attendees. The collaborative nature of unconferences means that all voices and interests are heard.

Location: George Mason University’s Arlington campus is easily accessible via Metro’s Orange and Silver Lines. You can get out at the Clarendon station or the Virginia Square/GMU station. There is also a paid parking garage as well as limited metered street parking.

Tickets are just $15 – $35.

Photo via Adobe Stock Photos.

See full event info & registration.

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