Commercial and residential property flood resilience conference — November 1, 2016 (UK)

The Centre for Resilience will host Resilience 16 in Watford, England on November 1, 2016.

The past 10 years has witnessed a series of significant flooding events that have impacted thousands of households across the UK. In 2015 Defra, commissioned the private sector to devise an action plan to improve the uptake of flood resilience measures in homes and small businesses. This will be published in the ‘Property Flood Resilience Roundtable Report’.

This highly interactive conference, supported by case studies and insights from stakeholders, will examine the recommendations contained in the report, around issues such as funding, standards, skills and awareness. It will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss how industry can best implement the recommendations.

Facilitated by the Centre for Resilience, the workshop will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss and comment on the recommendations of the ‘Property Flood Resilience Roundtable Report.


  • Session 1: Funding and assistance for property-level flood resilience. This session will examine recommendations from the ‘Property Flood Resilience Roundtable Report’, highlighting the role of data in managing risk and with insights from insurers, lawyers and suppliers.
  • Session 2: Improving standards and skills in the supply chain. Examining the report’s recommendations, this session will explore how training can be improved for key stakeholders as well as the role of certification and Building Regulations, with insights from the supply chain.
  • Session 3: Embedding resilience and improving knowledge. This session, which will examine report’s recommendations, will explore how to instigate behaviour change so that companies embed resilience into their business and communities become more incentivised to adopt property-level flood resilience.
  • Session 4: Skills and standards workshop

See event website.

See Centre for Resilience website.

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