Ideas wanted for repurposing & revitalizing old downtown sawmill in Upstate New York

The village of Perry, New York community is no stranger to the concept of repurposing and revitalizing things that are old and decrepit.

Now 6ixr, an online community meant to “foster ideas and redevelop under-utilized properties,” is hosting an inaugural competition regarding the Andrus Sawmill, located in the heart of the village.

With the help of Mayor Rick Hauser and the ownership of Andrus Sawmill, Craig Spangler, 6ixr’s founder has launched a competition that invites anyone who has even a remote interest in architecture and/or urban planning to submit their ideas for repurposing and revitalizing this property, and maybe win a $500 prize.

Submissions are due February 1, 2018 and will be followed by a month-long voting period.

Any Facebook user registered and logged into can submit a vote.

See 6ixr website.

See article by Jessica Dillon in The Daily News.

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