COMPETITION: You can win up to $110,000 by designing a new park to revitalize this urban island in St. Petersburg, Russia

On November 15, 2019, the International Competition for the Architectural Landscape Design Concept for the Tuchkov Buyan Park in Saint Petersburg (Russia) began accepting applications from participants.

An honorarium of $60,000 USD will go to each selected competitor who will submits a design proposal. For the three winners, the following amounts will be added to that $60,000: First prize: $50,000 USD; Second prize: $30,000 USD; and Third prize: $20,000 USD.

For more than a hundred years, Saint Petersburg, Russia residents have wished to see an urban park on Vatny Island. Today, the city has a unique opportunity to make this dream of several generations of Petersburgers come true and create a new, world-class landmark on the Petrograd side.

Tuchkov Buyan will become the city’s first park with direct river access and will offer new panoramic views of the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Treasury ensemble, the Rostral Columns of Vasilievsky Island, the Admiralty, Saint Petersburg’s drawbridges, and the Neva River itself.

Thanks to the project, the city’s green spaces will be united in a single, unbroken pedestrian route: from the Field of Mars and the Summer Garden via Trinity Square and Alexandrovsky Park to the islands. The embankment between Tuchkov and Treasury Bridges and Academic Likhachev Square will be transformed as well.

Competition subject

The subject of the Competition is the development of a landscape architecture concept for the park, embankment, square, and adjacent streets. The concept must include landscape, city-building, planning, form-based, and architectural solutions and meet the demands of the Competition’s brief.

Competition goal

The goal of the Competition is to determine the three best landscape architectural concepts for the park that best respond to the demands of the Competition’s brief, from which two finalists and one winner of the Competition will be chosen by a ratings-based vote.

The Competition will take place in a single stage. Russian and international landscape designers and architects are invited to participate. As part of the pre-qualification process, applicants will submit applications with information about their companies and experience in creating public spaces. Members of the Jury will select eight competitors from the first stage who will receive a detailed Сompetition’s brief for developing landscape architectural concepts.

The winner and two finalists (second and third place, respectively) will be determined by members of the Competition Jury.

Participation of multidisciplinary teams is welcomed, featuring professionals in the fields of landscape design, cultural programming of parks and open public
spaces, sustainable development and ecology, architectural design and urban planning, utilities systems and constructions, transport and economics. Each multidisciplinary team is encouraged to include Russian professionals as well.

The competition is open to architects and landscape designers from all countries. Eligible architects, landscape architects and urbans designers must be qualified
for practice in their respective countries.

During expression of interest period, applicants will submit information about their architectural firms and experience in designing and creating public spaces. Experienced firms should submit three reference projects in the following fields: landscape, public spaces and revitalization of urban spaces. Young firms can submit realized or unrealized projects in the same fields or other fields which can document the quality of their work.

The jury will select 8 competitors on the basis of the results of pre-qualification, taking into account the quality and innovation of submitted reference projects. From the 8 competitors, 2 will be chosen among the young firms category.

Application deadline: January 15, 2020.

Learn more and register here.

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