Disaster & Resilience International Summit — Montreal, Québec, Canada — June 16-18, 2020

In Montreal, Québec, Canada, the Disaster & Resilience International Summit is a trilingual (French, English, Spanish) event to be from June 16 to 18, 2020.

It will be a meeting point for a variety of actors (managers and policymakers, stakeholders and humanitarians, experts and academics, artists and creators, and local and indigenous populations). While targeting the needs of individuals, families, businesses, and communities, participants will discuss resilience perspectives through an inclusive, multi-hazard and multi-disciplinary approach, and will consider before, during, and after disasters.

In the current context of increasing numbers of disasters and their consequences, it is important to question the measures that promote the resilience of individuals, organizations, communities, and their systems. Considering the many facets of resilience, the summit targets the development of a multisectoral approach to understanding resilience, mobilizing all stakeholders to act in enhancing resilience. It also intends to foster learning of how an individual, an organization, or a community can be fulfilled in resilience.

This event will enable all actors involved and concerned with disaster resilience to come together and collaborate in interactive and participatory activities. Beyond the presentation of the work and initiatives of the actors (academics, professionals, etc.), which are usually at the heart of knowledge transfer, this summit tends to discussion, exchange, and innovation.

Given the major challenges we face, such as disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and sustainable development, how can we co-build an inclusive resilience that protects us from future hazards?

Photo of Montreal via PixaBay.

See event website.

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