Dominica advances towards its goal of becoming the world’s first climate-resilient nation with the publication of 10-year plan

It has been previously reported here and here in REVITALIZATION that Dominica intends to become the world’s first climate-resilient nation. I (Storm Cunningham) am paying special attention to these efforts, as I’ve spent time in fascinating, gorgeous country, and love it dearly.

Now, Donomica has revealed their ten-year plan. Dominica’s Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan (CRRP) is an accompanying document to the National Resilience Development Strategy (NRDS). The CRRP operationalizes the NRDS providing an outline that will guide the preparation of sector strategies and plans.

Succinctly, the objective of the Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan is to translate Dominica’s vision to “build the first climate resilient nation in the world” into a concrete set of actions.

It elaborates the objectives and strategies in the NRDS into specific initiatives and activities that will involve implementing and donor agencies, stakeholders in the public and private sectors and the population at large. The NRDS specifies forty-three (43) targets that must be achieved if Dominica is to become the first climate resilient nation in the world.

The CRRP converts these forty-three objectives into twenty (20) specific climate resilience targets framed within six (6) major results areas derived from the three (3) pillars of the NRDS.

The CRRP defines key initiatives to be undertaken to achieve the twenty targets. In recognizing financial resource constraints, inadequate human resource capacity, and urgency, the CRRP prioritizes ten (10) high impact initiatives based on degree of contribution to achieving the country’s vision and the cost of delivery.

The central position of the CRRP is that Dominica has no choice but to pursue its vision to build the first climate resilient country in the world. Business-as-usual is simply not an option for securing the country’s future and the continued well-being of its people.

Photo of Dominica by gregovish from Pixabay.

See Dominica’s complete Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan (PDF).

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