Downtown housing and live-work environments revitalize Grand Rapids, MI

It’s no secret that Grand Rapids, Michigan is on the rise. It seems like every week a new article is published about the development of our downtown community, highlighting the strength of our neighborhoods and even the surprising positioning of Grand Rapids as an up-and-coming tourist destination.

As recently as February of 2016, Forbes ranked Grand Rapids as a top city in the U.S. for housing investment. Occupancy rates are at their peak and vacancy rates are at an all-time low.

It is also evidenced by the ongoing construction and redevelopment of live-work properties in the heart of downtown and in the surrounding neighborhoods. Most everything we’re experiencing downtown in terms of live-work is new construction and the redevelopment of old, classic office buildings.

Looking back just eight years ago, downtown was heavily dominated by office and retail users in comparison to the amount of residential currently hitting the market.

We truly believe the rise in live-work buildings has something to do with the spark we are all witnessing today relative to the revitalization of Grand Rapids.

Photo of Grand Rapids and Grand River by Storm Cunningham.

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