Downtown Ottawa Revitalization Task Force gets serious about soliciting public input on reviving the heart of Canada’s capital

In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, the Downtown Ottawa Revitalization Task Force has announced that they want to hear from residents, local stakeholders, and experts on their ideas to reimagine Ottawa’s downtown core.

So, on January 30, 2023, the Task Force launched a public engagement tool to hear ideas and feedback around revitalizing Ottawa’s downtown.

Creating a more inviting environment in downtown Ottawa for people to live, work, visit, and play in is an effort that requires significant public feedback and consultation.

The Downtown Ottawa Revitalization Task Force was created in 2022 to explore ideas and create recommendations that will assist policymakers in reimagining the future of downtown Ottawa.

I was asked by BOMA Ottawa to be the association’s representative on the Ottawa Downtown Revitalization Task Force led by Ottawa Centre MP Yasir Naqvi. As a representative of the association and as one of Ottawa’s largest commercial landlords, we saw the devastating impact of the pandemic and the freedom convoy on Ottawa’s downtown core,” says Hugh Gorman, CEO of Colonnade BridgePort.

It is my firm belief that Ottawa’s downtown core is vital to the economic health and well-being of our entire city. A vibrant core attracts tourism and talent. It fosters an environment for creativity and innovation. It becomes a catalyst for the creation of sustainable 15-minute communities, and its commercial tax base allows for city wide investment in infrastructure including public transportation, affordable housing, and other social services. Put simply, it is the heart of our wonderful city,” he added.

The Downtown Ottawa Revitalization Task Force will be seeking feedback in three phases until the end of March 2023.

Phase One of the consultation, beginning January 30, 2023 and continuing for the next three weeks, will seek to gather general input and ideas from the community.

Following this initial round of engagement, the Task Force will follow up with participants to provide feedback on two subsequent rounds of consultation that will seek to dig deeper on the findings that come from phase one.

The Downtown Ottawa Revitalization Task Force will use this public feedback in its final report with recommendations.

The Downtown Ottawa Revitalization Task Force is composed of:

  • Graeme Hussey (Co-Chair)
  • Neil Malhotra (Co-Chair)
  • MP Yasir Naqvi
  • Sueling Ching
  • Mary Huang
  • Kevin McHale
  • Christine Leadman
  • Catherine Callary
  • Hugh Gorman
  • John Thomas
  • Mathieu Fleury
  • Christophe Rivet
  • A representative from the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition
  • Councillor Ariel Troster (Observer)
  • Councillor Stéphanie Plante (Observer)
  • A representative from the City of Ottawa Mayor’s Office (Observer)
  • A representative from the Treasury Board Secretariat (Observer)

The Task Force says that wants to hear from a variety of different voices and groups across the community.

Photo of downtown Ottawa is by Storm Cunningham.

Interested individuals can providing their feedback here.

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