Dueling Revitalizers: 4 candidates compete on ability to bring city back to life

Two Democrats and two Republicans have made restoring and revitalizing Greensburg, Pennsylvania their focus in the race for two city council seats in the Nov. 3 election.

Democratic candidates Randy Finfrock and Cheryl Lennert are running as a team with Democratic mayoral hopeful Robert Bell.

We’re running together because this is our home,” Finfrock said. “We know the backstreets, we know the side streets, we know the neighborhoods.”

Finfrock, an incumbent, is running for his second term. If re-elected, he said, he will continue to encourage economic growth in the city. He wants to streamline the process for those looking to build in the city.

At one point last year, we had four building cranes active in our city,” he said. “I think we can have a second act.

Lennert said she wants to restore Greensburg to the thriving commercial center that it had been.

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