Duluth celebrates $3.5 million restoration of flood-damaged historic mansion

Duluth, Minnesota‘s Glensheen Mansion celebrated the completion of $3.5 million in restoration work on August 5, 2015.

Completed over the course of three years since the 2012 flood, the landscaping and rebuilding of walls have helped the estate move closer to its original 1907 plan, said Glensheen director Dan Hartman.

We really turned what would have been a tragedy for Glensheen really into a turning point for really transforming the future of Glensheen,” said Glensheen director Dan Hartman, who estimates attendance to have actually increased by 30 percent since the flood.

I hope … in 20 years we can look back at that event as the event that started all this other rebuild,” he continued.

See full article & photo credit in the Duluth News Tribune.

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