East Raleigh, NC revitalization plans advance despite opposition from residents

Despite criticism from residents, city leaders have approved a revitalization plan for two East Raleigh, North Carolina neighborhoods.

Raleigh plans to lead revitalization efforts in East College Park, near St. Augustine’s University. DHIC, a nonprofit that builds affordable housing across the state, bought Washington Terrace last year and started the redevelopment process last month.

The City Council on Tuesday OK’d a Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area, which must be approved by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Once approved, Raleigh and DHIC will qualify for tax credits, low-interest forgivable loans and other financing options to develop affordable housing in Washington Terrace and East College Park.

Community activist Octavia Rainey, who has been a vocal opponent of the plan, said the process did not follow HUD standards and called for an investigation.

Rainey has accused the city of gerrymandering the strategy area to create a high-poverty zone.

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