Ecologically restoring an engineered-to-death beach in the San Juan Islands (WA)

This January 25, 2016 video is about the Brown Island Beach Restoration Project in San Juan County, Washington.

The non-profit group Friends of the San Juans managed the project, removed large unnatural rock (“rip-rap”: a favorite tool of ecologically unsound engineering) from a historic feeder bluff and restored a local beach. This project is helping to “set the table” for the entire Salish Sea food chain.

Removing unnecessary armoring and restoring this beach helps ensure that forage fish have the right kind of sand/gravel mixture to lay their eggs on and plenty of shade from vegetation to protect these eggs.

Forage fish are tied to so much of what we love about the San Juans – they feed salmon, whales, birds and people.

Watch this video and see how we can all work together to create healthy shorelines that will help our human and natural communities thrive!

Watch 4 1/2-minute video.

See Friends of the San Juans website.

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