EDITORIAL: Want to revive communities and nature for a living? Our Regeneration Team members are on the leading edge.

The REGENERATION TEAM has just launched in 2021. It’s for everyone—especially young people—who wish to create a better future for themselves by creating a better future for everyone else.

You can support the Resilient Prosperity movement now, enjoying monthly videos and weekly podcasts on how to lead successful community revitalization, natural resource restoration and climate resilience initiatives. They are created exclusively for GRT members: no one else can access them.

The timing is perfect. The UN Decade On Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030)—which I originally proposed as a Century Of Restoration back in 2000—has just begun.

And, as of today (January 20, 2021), we in the USA regain national leadership that understands science, and that is (hopefully) dedicated to environmental health, equitable economic growth and climate restoration.

Many young folks are already creating highly-rewarding careers healing our crisis-ridden world. You can too. As a REGENERATION TEAM member, you’ll learn how to design and lead successful community revitalization, nature restoration, regenerative agriculture and climate-resilience initiatives.

The opportunities are endless, because current systems of urban planning, politics, economic development, natural resources management and real estate development are seriously broken at the local and national levels.

And the old “sustainable development” paradigm hasn’t been making enough of an impact over the past 40 years: things are getting worse fast.

By becoming a member (patron) of our REGENERATION TEAM, you can quickly and easily join this “re” generation, either to earn money…or as a volunteer, out of love.

And, you can subscribe to the podcasts and videos that comprise the Continuing Education (CE) for our certified Revitalization & Resilience Facilitators (RRFac). In them, you’ll learn how to make a real impact on the creation of a better future…locally and/or globally.

If you have any friends who want to improve their lives while improving the lives of others, please tell them about the REGENERATION TEAM.

The larger the team, the bigger the impact each of us can make, the more potential partners and opportunities you’ll have, and the faster the future improves for all.


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