Eliminating economic inequity could add $14 billion to St. Louis economy

Eliminating racial income gaps would boost the St. Louis, Missouri economy by $14 billion. If there had been no racial gaps in income in 2012, the St. Louis Regional economy would have been $13.56 billion larger.

Utilizing data from PolicyLink and PERE, the Public Policy Research Center has compiled a new report, An Equity Assessment of the St. Louis Region. This report examines an array of economic and social indicators that include income, education, job and GDP growth, and housing conditions.

The St. Louis Region has the opportunity to join a growing number of metropolitan areas that are proactively addressing issues of equity.

There are many decisions and actions required for a more equitable St. Louis Region. This Equity Assessment is intended as one tool to assist and inform decision makers and stakeholders as they move forward on behalf of the region.

Download report (PDF).

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