Entrepreneurship and local economic resilience: the impact of institutional torpidity on post-industrial revitalization

This new research examines how the legacies of the past in peripheral post-industrial places serve to shape current and future entrepreneurial activity, and with it local economic resilience.

Drawing on in-depth qualitative interviews with key regional stakeholders, the article reveals how peripheral post-industrial places are constrained by their histories. This is found to be manifest in different ways, such as low aspirations, generational unemployment and a loss of identity which are in turn compounded by negative perceptions of place and opportunity.

These issues culminate in institutional hysteresis (lagging behind change) at the local level and constrain entrepreneurial ambition. The article argues that the rigidity and reproduction of informal institutions continues to stymie economic resilience and growth. We conclude by reflecting on the implications for entrepreneurship in peripheral post-industrial places as well as with recommendations for policy.

Photo (by Frees via Wikipedia) shows the High Street in Doncaster, UK town centre.

Download full research article (PDF).

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