Environmental Markets & Finance Summit: Accelerating Investment in Natural Infrastructure – Wash. DC – Oct. 29-31, 2019

Join AEMI and Forest Trends for a high-level gathering of public, private, and philanthropic communities working together to accelerate new investments and markets for forestry, carbon, ecological restoration, water resources management, and corporate sustainability.

It takes place at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, DC on October 29-31, 2019.

Connect and network with leaders from corporations, local, state and federal agencies, regulators, consultants, providers, and users of offsets, policymakers, nonprofits and universities.

This working summit will advance cutting-edge financial and market tools for natural infrastructure and climate action, including:

  • Leveraging public, private, and philanthropic investments in natural infrastructure for disaster resilience;
  • Cross-boundary public and private investments for habitat, climate and water quality;
  • Adapting market tools and methodologies for supply chain management of impacts on climate, biodiversity, communities, and water;
  • Market-based mechanisms and strategies; and
  • Investment strategies with multiple benefits for climate, water, biodiversity, and communities.

Photo courtesy of the Mandarin Oriental in Washington, DC.

See event website.

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