Five factors contributing to community resilience

Resilience is a concept that should be top of mind for city planners, city councils, residents and businesses alike.

There are so many factors affecting how cities function that methods of development, emergency preparedness, and maintaining status quo are no longer acceptable options for keeping cities functioning.

At the Green Building Festival in Toronto in September, 2016 Antonio Gomez-Palacio, a principal at DIALOG, spoke about developing a framework for city resilience around five factor:

  1. Correctly define the real problem;
  2. Define the vision of what you want your community to look like;
  3. Determine ow to transition to a resilient community;
  4. Actively manage disruptive forces;
  5. Tenacity to implement the vision.

A resilient city is one that can adapt to the multiple factors affecting it. However, these factors range from being sudden such as in being hit with a hurricane resulting flood and wind damage to slower, less noticeable changes, such as changing demographics – ageing populations, youth leaving, etc.

See full article by Cathy Rust in Sustainable Cities Collaborative.

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