Florida county boasts a Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Division

Neighborhoods, communities, counties, regions, states, and entire nations often say they want revitalization, but few take it seriously enough to create an actual department, division, or agency with that as their mission. Orange County, Florida is a rare exception.

The Orange County Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization Division (NPRD) empowers citizens to make their neighborhoods a better place. The information and resources they share bridge the gap between people who want to help, and people who have the organization to help. From identifying where improvement is needed most, to drawing up revitalization strategies and finding project resources, the NPRD is at residents’ disposal.

Improving neighborhood beautification, crime prevention, and emergency preparedness starts with you. So the NPRD ensures everything residents need to know about planning a neighborhood revitalization project is readily available. One way to learn about how to improve your neighborhood is by watching the NPRD sponsored series “Connecting Neighbors and Neighborhoods.”

Every year Orange County publishes a Neighborhood Resource Guide that outlines how to organize meetings, work with local governments, and take advantage of the county programs and services available to assist residents in improving their neighborhoods. NPRD also publishes an annual Neighborhood Organizations Directory. Since many neighborhoods face similar problems, the directory can be used as a tool to share insightful solutions with the extensive network of local community groups and associations.

Ensuring neighborhood revitalization projects have the resources and assistance to be seen through is critical. The NPRD provides funding when available, for neighborhood beautification and crime prevention or safety projects.

See full article & photo credit in the Apopka Voice by County Commissioner Bryan Nelson.

See NPRD website.

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