Ford Foundation’s $190M renovation of NYC landmark is creating a social justice HQ

A major Ford Foundation asset in need of attention—and action—is our headquarters building in New York City.

As a result of city building code requirements, and after a rigorous process of study and reflection, I am pleased to share that we will be undertaking a comprehensive renovation of our New York City home.

The building, which was designated a New York City landmark in 1997, has become a signature of our identity.

From my perspective, the convergence of what appear to be significant challenges actually represents an opportunity to align our 20th century building with our 21st century mission. And so, with the enthusiastic endorsement of our trustees, the foundation will undertake an extensive renovation that will transform our facility into a global center for philanthropy and civil society.

I believe there could be no better time to commence this work than during our larger FordForward renewal. We see—and are seizing—this moment as yet another opportunity to better serve our public mission. This is our chance to remake our landmark space into an open, inviting, welcoming place—a gathering place for the individuals, institutions, and ideas that are broadening the frontiers of social change.

See full article by Ford Foundation President Darren Walker + photo credit.

See New York Times article about the renovation.

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