Fort Lauderdale, FL to put $176 million into restoring, expanding & reconnecting parks

Fort Lauderdale, Florida is growing rapidly, and so is the need for its parks to keep pace.

Consultants preparing a new park master plan have recommended the city add 177 acres of parks by 2040 to the 957 acres it already operates.

They also need upgrades in existing parks, such as new recreational facilities, better handicapped accessibility and more fields for the organized sports leagues.

Here’s how the funding breaks down:

  • $52 million to buy land;
  • $49 million to build new facilities;
  • $31 million for investments and repairs at current facilities;
  • $17 million for community health and handicapped accessibility efforts;
  • $8 million to make the parks able to handle flooding issues;
  • $7.5 million to develop connections between parks;
  • $1 million for art in public places; and
  • $11 million for recreation and athletics.

The report, which gives the city high marks for conditions at its 118 parks, estimates it will cost $176 million to implement its recommendations.

Photo by D_Ramey Logan via Wikipedia.

See full article & news video by Larry Barszewski in the Sun Sentinel.

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