From Metal to Minds: Economic restructuring in the Rust Belt

A new report, titled “From Metal to Minds: Economic Restructuring in the Rust Belt” by Richey Piiparinen, Jim Russell & Charlie Post is the latest collaborative effort of CEOs for Cities, and Cleveland State University‘s Levin College of Urban Affairs and The Center for Population Dynamics.

From our increasingly de-industrialized national context, the piece provides an in depth analysis on the importance of building a knowledge-based economy. Citing successes in cities like Boston, Pittsburgh and Cleveland, many useful insights can be gleaned for leaders aiming to diversify regional economies across the country.

In viewing cities’ financial cycles as smaller ecosystems within the larger global habitat, maintaining relevance across shifting conditions and globalization are of critical importance for economic health going forward. As manufacturing declines, on the upswing are education and health care services. Eds and meds provide the foundation for a knowledge economy in your city.

See full report (PDF) & photo credit.

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