From Runoff to ROI: The economic advantages of green infrastructure

For decades, stormwater has been viewed as a problem to be solved — an engineered afterthought – rather than part of a holistic planning approach that sought to integrate water as a resource. However, the practice of managing our most precious commodity is rapidly evolving.

Gone are the days of unapologetically banishing stormwater collection areas to the back corner of a site in hopes of achieving “out of sight, out mind.” In recent years, stringent regulations and sustainability concerns have rightfully challenged us to rethink design and management of stormwater facilities. As a result, the overwhelming social, economic and environmental benefits of incorporating stormwater management as a resource to be celebrated in our public spaces have made our course clear.

By implementing aesthetically pleasing stormwater management features, developers gain more usable area, thereby maximizing land use, and create a sense of place – all of which dramatically increase property value and generate a much higher return on investment. By using stormwater as an amenity, developers report higher lease and sales rates, which becomes a boon to their bottom line.

See HGOR page on green stormwater management.

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