From ugly warehouses to waterfront revitalization in Alexandria, VA

Note from Storm: When I was Director, Strategic Initiatives at the Construction Specifications Institute back in the 90’s, our office was on the Alexandria, Virginia waterfront. As a result, I spent a lot of time walking the lovely riverfront trail through a string of parks. But those walks were always interrupted by a couple of hideous warehouses that forced pedestrians off the waterfront and onto the street between them. The primary use of the warehouses was to receive huge rolls of newsprint for the Washington Post, which was (shamefully and unnecessarily) made from clear-cutting old-growth forests. As this article reveals, this blight will finally be replaced with a mixed-use complex that will reconnect the neighborhood to the water.

From the article: The site currently occupied by Robinson Terminal warehouses in south Old Town Alexandria is slated for transformation into a mixed-use development by EYA that will include residences, a waterfront restaurant and retail space.

Robinson Terminal South, along Union Street between Duke and Wolfe Streets, will eliminate the industrial area and provide public access to the Potomac River waterfront in an area currently closed off.

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