Get a Master of Science in Sustainable Urban Management at the University of Illinois

The Department of Urban and Regional Planning (DURP) at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign offers a Master of Science in Sustainable Urban Management (MSSUM) program.

Increasingly, cities are where humans live in the 21st century. Globally, urban population growth is booming, and the worldwide need for professionals who can understand and manage cities has never been so high. Cities are both beacons of opportunity and advancement for much of the world’s population, and the drivers of unsustainable lifestyles and practices that are depleting resources and degrading natural systems.

The land use and energy needs of cities can have negative impacts on the natural environment at the same time that their density and quality of life are potential solutions to a host of environmental problems. The key is how growth and change are planned for and accommodated by urban management professionals.

Professionals who work for government agencies, the growing number of urban-based nonprofits, and engineering firms responsible for urban infrastructure are at the forefront of manage existing settlements and determining how cities areas can continue to accommodate urban growth in a way that balances the needs of economic development, environment protection and social inclusion.

Through the MSSUM, students will learn about the analytical and strategic skills essential for mid-career professionals who manage change in urban areas. This program provides urban professionals working in a variety of fields with the necessary knowledge and skills for understanding the multiplicity of inter-related urban systems and crafting the necessary policy interventions that facilitate the creation of sustainable, healthy, safe, and resilient communities. The degree is a one-year (nine month), full-time, in-residency degree for professionals who want to build their analytical skills as well as reflect on practice.

Photo of Chicago via the University of Illinois.

See MSSUM website.

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