GLOBE 2016 conference, March 2-4, 2016 – Vancouver, BC Canada

The GLOBE 2016 conference will take place on March 2-4, 2016 at the Vancouver Convention Centre in Vancouver, BC Canada.

The GLOBE 2016 Program will be shaped by the themes below.
A mix of armchair dialogues, roundtables, salon-style gatherings, lively debates, SPARK talks and opportunities for active participation will make the GLOBE 2016 Conference the most exciting GLOBE Conference to date.

Global Sustainability Megatrends

Big Picture: A Panoramic Perspective of the Planet, Markets & The Future
Valuing Nature: The Business Case and Innovative Methods for Eco-Asset Management
Food Security and Innovation: Scaling up to Meet the Challenge
Water Integrity: Infrastructure & Innovation
The Circular Economy: A Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Corporate Sustainability 3.0

Transformational Companies: A Spotlight on Best Practices
Purpose and Profit: 21st Century Business Models Driving Sustainability
Culture Capital: Empowering Employees to Drive Sustainability
Supply Chain Innovation & the Value of Collaboration
How High-Powered Executive Boards are Integrating Sustainability into Corporate Strategy
Quantum Leaps in Natural Resource Efficiency
The Future of Transparency: Open Data and Crowd-Sourcing Innovations
Business Resilience: The Role of the CFO in Driving Sustainable Success

Technology Game-Changers & the Energy Transition

Reversing Climate Change through Disruptive Innovation: What Will it Take?
Accelerating Technology Transfer Across Global Markets
Innovation Platforms: A crucial piece of the puzzle for Scaling Solutions
The Future of Electricity & Grid Infrastructure: Powering the 21st Century Economy
Breaking the Energy Storage Bottleneck
Future Proof Strategies & the Energy Company Transformation
The Transition to a Clean Energy Economy: How Fast Will it Happen?

Finance and Investment: Risks & Opportunities

Green Economic Development: Global Best Practices for Job Creation & Investment
Impact Investment for Generations: Hitting the Environmental “Sweet Spot”
Ramping up to 100% Renewable Energy: Insights from Corporate Leaders
Financial Inclusion and Fiscal Reform: A Global Perspective on Enhancing Sustainable Prosperity
Carbon Bubble: Managing the Financial Risk of Stranded Assets towards a Low Carbon Future

Infrastructure & Urban Development

Mayor’s Panel: Cities at the Forefront of Sustainable Innovation
The Quest of the Zeronauts: Achieving Carbon Neutral Cities and the Opportunities for Business
Smart Technology. Smart Cities. Smart Business. The Potential of ICT Innovations & The Grid
Climate Cool: Innovative Ways to Finance Eco-Resilient Infrastructure
Resilient Climate Adaptation Strategies for Cities and Coasts
Cutting Edge Zero Waste Policies and Program Best Practices
Pedal to the Metal: Accelerating EV Market Adoption
Wild Weather Forecast: Tackling the ‘New Abnormal’ in Canada’s Natural Resource Sector

Communities, Partnerships, & Communications

Scaling Up Impact: Innovative Cross-Sector Partnerships Driving Sustainability
Indigenous Communities: From Reconciliation to Action
The Role of Entertainment and Media in Raising the Bar on Sustainability
Driving Change and Innovation through Brand Engagement
Communicating Sustainability Value: The Power of Emotions, Compelling Storytelling and Visuals

The Pacific ECOnomic Zone

The West Coast Greentech Corridor as a Gateway to Global Markets
Spotlight on Southeast Asia: Capitalizing on the Market Opportunities in Sustainable Infrastructure & Technology
Trade Policy & Sustainability in the Pacific Rim Region

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