Habitat for Humanity’s future is focused on neighborhood revitalization

For families to succeed, sometimes the dynamics of their neighborhood have to change. “Neighborhood Revitalization is the way of the future and is an essential element of Habitat’s work,” says Jonathan Reckford, CEO of Habitat for Humanity International.

Neighborhood Revitalization is Habitat for Humanity’s holistic approach that expands upon its partnership with volunteers and new homeowners to also include neighbors and local organizations for an increased impact.

While new home construction continues to play a vital role in Habitat’s work, additional tools include house repairs and other services that allow Habitat to serve even more families in communities.

Through this effort, they hope that neighborhoods across the United States will be revitalized into vibrant, safe and inviting places to live for current and future residents.

This happens thanks to the hard work of engaged citizens, partnerships with civic and business groups, and a renewed community spirit.

Habitat’s Neighborhood Revitalization program is based on responding to community aspirations and empowering residents to revive their neighborhoods and enhance their quality of life.

See Neighborhood Revitalization website & 3-minute video.

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