Here’s your chance to guide the development of a new national revitalization program for economically distressed U.S. communities

On February 23, 2023, the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) invited public input and perspectives on the planning and design of their new community revitalization program, called the Distressed Area Recompete Pilot Program (commonly shortened to Recompete Pilot Program).

The program is an economic revitalization initiative that would provide grant funding to distressed communities across the country to create and connect workers to good jobs and support long-term comprehensive economic development by helping to reduce the high, prime-age (25 to 54 years of age) employment gap.

EDA has published a Request for Information (RFI) on the Recompete Pilot Program in the Federal Register to solicit public input about the program’s planning and design.

The Recompete Pilot Program was enacted as part of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 (as the Distressed Area Recompete Pilot Program).

Congress appropriated EDA $200 million – of the $1 billion authorized for the program – as part of the FY 2023 Omnibus Appropriations Bill.

This new authority allows EDA to:

  • target persistently economically distressed areas to support long-term, comprehensive and sustainable economic development and job creation/placement; and
  • award grants to support development or implementation of an eligible recipient’s Recompete Plan (subject to constraints and targets outlined in detail in the full text of the statute).

Through this RFI, EDA seeks input in several areas, including but not limited to, information on:

  • structuring a program that most effectively builds capacity, creates jobs and addresses challenges in communities grappling with persistent economic distress and high prime-age unemployment;
  • identifying metrics to assess the success of the Recompete Pilot Program;
  • designing a competitive, inclusive and accessible grant funding selection process; and
  • identifying best practices and evidence-based research that could inform how to most effectively support persistently economically distressed areas.

While this RFI specifically seeks input on these and other topics, EDA welcomes all responses that stakeholders believe will support the development of the Recompete Pilot Program.

Responses are due by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on March 27, 2023.

Responses may be submitted via email to Details on responding can be found in the Federal Register.

Photo of downtown Big Stone Gap courtesy of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

Learn more about the program and provide your input.

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