Historic 1880 Texas grain mill repurposed to grind out future scientists

The Hill Country Science Mill is housed in a community landmark in the heart of Johnson City, Texas. The feed mill built in 1880 as a steam grist mill and cotton gin featured unique mechanical innovations that were used to process, sort and distribute grain to its rural community.

The original steam mill was converted to a flour mill in 1901 and later was converted to electrical power and evolved into a feed mill in the 1930’s. The mill ceased operation in the 1980’s and was converted into a restaurant and entertainment complex. While a majority of the site and the mill have been dormant for the past 20 years, the mill has inspired photographers, muralists, and curious travelers who have been captivated by its romantic and iconic presence.

The Hill Country Science Mill recycles a historic community landmark into a gathering place for the community and a forum for science exploration. The design was conceived not as a contrast between new and old, but as the dynamic evolution of the mill from a place of industrial production to a place that can produce science leaders for the new generation.

The mission of the Hill Country Science Mill is to ignite the curiosity, ambition, innovation and problem-solving potential of the next generation through an innovative, immersive experience that enhances the community’s understanding of, and appreciation for, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

The Hill Country Science Mill experience will inspire the youth of today to discover scientific and technical principles relevant to their everyday lives. Students will learn about careers in science that they might never have considered. Ultimately, they will come away with the feeling that “science is cool!” and “I can be an aeronautical engineer, neurologist or an electrical engineer!

Photo credit: stylemagazine.com

See Hill Country Science Mill website.

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