Historic Barbados lighthouse now being restored; port company agrees to maintain it

East Point Lighthouse, also known as Ragged Point Lighthouse, is one of Barbados’ four lighthouses. It is the third-oldest, having been constructed in 1875. It’s located at Ragged Point in St. Philip.

The lighthouse is an eighty-five (85) ft coral stone structure which was constructed and placed in 1875. One of its outstanding features was a rotating light which was operated by heavy iron weights. As these weights had to wound every few hours for the lighthouse to be functional, it was therefore necessary for the lightkeeper to be residing close by so as not to miss this important activity.

Its towering structure serves as reminder of days when they served a vital function in protecting the safety of sailors. Those functions have been usurped by the improvements in technology. Like the other lighthouses in Barbados, East Point is no longer active.

The good news is that tourists and locals can freely drive up to the structure. Even better: its restoration has begun.

In May of 2017, it was announced that the Barbados Port Inc. (BPI) will be playing a major role in the restoration of the historic lighthouse.
It will not only oversee the restoration project, which is being carried out by Hinds Transport Services Ltd., but will maintain the restored lighthouse.

The project began in April of 2017 with an official ceremony and the initial removal of tree branches that have penetrated the building over time. BPI’s involvement in the project is to maintain the lighthouse after the completion of the restoration.

We are seeking to maintain this as one of Barbados’ premier tourist attractions and add to the cultural landscape of the island. Even now, this particular lighthouse continues to draw sightseeing tourists as well as travelling historians so you can imagine the response once it is fully restored to its former glory,” said Maurice Gaskin, Assistant Manager Property Management and Maintenance.

Photo of East Point Lighthouse courtesy of Barbados Beach House.

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