Historic passenger train is restored into luxury hotel and is permanently parked on river bridge in spectacular national park

One of most spectacular examples of adaptive use and historic renovation that I (Storm Cunningham) have encountered recently is Kruger Shalati: The Train on the Bridge.

It’s one of the most anticipated and exciting new offerings coming to the iconic Kruger National Park in South Africa.

The project combines the breathtaking natural splendors of Kruger with the luxury accommodations of a newly-restored passenger train that’s reminiscent of the South African experience of days past.

Permanently stationed on the historically-rich Selati Bridge above the Sabie River, Kruger Shalati will offer the most unique luxury accommodation in a re-envisioned train.

It pays homage to the guests who explored the park nearly 100 years ago, while welcoming modern explorers from near and far.

The train celebrates where the first visits to the iconic park were allowed in the early 1920s.

In those days, the train would park overnight in the exact spot where Kruger Shalati will be positioned.

Offering 31 rooms, consisting of 24 carriage rooms and 7 Bridge House rooms, all of which will provide a deeply visceral experience, tailored for immersive comfort.

The glass-walled, large train rooms allow for infinite views along the length of the majestic Sabie River while the style of the train is a celebration of African design in collaboration with local art and crafting skills.

High above the riverbanks, aligned with the floor level of the train, will lie our bespoke deck with pool, offering a swimming experience unlike any other…with crocodile, hippos, buffaloes and elephants greeting guests meters below.

Thought-provoking, unique design is core to the offering, but the holistic experience is centered around historical cultural nuances.

All images courtesy of Kruger Shalati.

See Kruger Shalati website.

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