Waterfront revitalization to follow implosion of old coal-fired power plant

Detroit Thomas Edison Energy’s Marysville Power Plant – also known as the “Mighty Marysville” – operated from 1922 until 2001, employing as many 250 people at its peak.

It was released for decommissioning in 2011. The plant, which sat on a 20-acre site along the St. Clair River, generated 511 megawatts of electricity when operational.

After 80 years of operations, the once vibrant site was now a blight to the community and restricted from future use by the EPA.

This plant was also held in deep regard by the local community, once a robust source of jobs for the area.

DTE Energy wanted to find a buyer that would not only remove the liability from its corporate balance sheet, but also reposition the site for its highest and best use to benefit the community.

On November 7, 2015, Commercial Development Company, Inc. (CDC) – an ELT affiliate – successfully imploded “The Mighty Marysville”.

The successful implosion prepares the way for the progression of CDC’s mixed-use redevelopment plans, which include a hotel, retail/office, restaurants, and marina with pedestrian walkways.

See full article & watch implosion video.

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