Innovation Hub to serve more social entrepreneurs in New Orleans

New Orleans‘ social innovation hub, Propeller, will now serve twice as many social entrepreneurs through expanded programming.

Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation has announced its restructuring the core program to better serve entrepreneurs. The Social Impact Accelerator now hopes to serve twice as many social entrepreneurs in the New Orleans area.

Propeller’s vision is to build a critical mass of entrepreneurs tackling key challenges from multiple angles,” says Propeller Executive Director, Andrea Chen. “We have shown that collaboration is essential to drive progress, and the more entrepreneurs we have working together, the faster and more effectively we can create measurable impact.

The new two-track programming will support entrepreneurs throughout the entire startup lifecycle, from idea stage to beta to growth, and provide more issue-specific, tailored resources for ventures. One such issue is environmental restoration, specifically solutions to solutions related to water and coastal erosion.

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