Intelligent Communities Summit — New York City — June 6-8, 2017

After two years on the road, the Intelligent Communities Forum (ICF) Summit will once again take place in New York City from June 6-8, 2017.

In addition to the usual Urban and Rural Master Classes, and TOP 7 Discussions and Awards Gala, the summit will include an up-close and provocative look at how information and communications technology (ICT) challenges every city, region and town to outperform its past.

A white paper on the theme of the 2017 Summit, “The Internet of Cities” is underway.

In the broadband economy – the worldwide marketplace created by the Internet – local economic success depends on the global economy in ways we never before imagined. The Internet of Cities bridges distance to create new opportunities for city-to-city exchanges of business, learning, best practices and talent.

Additionally, the Summit will look at how Intelligent Communities use digital tools to enhance the connections that have always made cities work: person-to-person, individual-to-organization and citizen-to-community.

The Intelligent Community Forum is a global network with a think tank at its center. It connects hundreds of cities and regions on five continents for collaboration on economic development and for exchange of expertise and information that drives progress. Through this network, ICF researches how Intelligent Communities use information and communications technology to build inclusive prosperity, solve social problems and enrich their quality of life in our connected century.

See event website.

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