It’s an exciting time to be in Atlanta, as revitalization gains momentum

It’s an exciting time to be in Atlanta, Georgia.

There’s a renewed energy and optimism surrounding the city’s intown communities, and Georgia Tech’s alumni, faculty and students are leading the charge.

Over the past few years, many of Atlanta’s neighborhoods have changed dramatically thanks to new destinations for shopping and dining, investments in infrastructure, and businesses relocating to the city—many attracted by Tech’s research and deep talent pool. And it’s almost impossible to look at the many changes happening around the city without finding the signature of a Georgia Tech architect, engineer, entrepreneur, city planner, builder, professor or student.

The Atlanta Regional Commission estimates that roughly 3 million people will move into the metro Atlanta area over the next 30 years. The region is the seventh fastest-growing metro area, with the 10th largest regional economy in the nation.

One of the biggest factors driving Atlanta’s revitalization is the BeltLine, a system of pedestrian paths and future transit connecting dozens of intown neighborhoods, which began as a master’s thesis by a Tech graduate student.

The BeltLine is fostering an unprecedented level of connectivity and economic development in the neighborhoods it touches, but it’s not the only game in town. Exciting things are happening all over the city—from small improvements like public art or new bike lanes, all the way up to major projects like the new Atlanta Falcons stadium.

But Atlanta’s revitalization involves much more than just the BeltLine project. From major mixed-use projects and a new sports stadium to thoughtful plans that will alter the development of communities on the city’s east and west sides, Georgia Tech alumni are helping to shape the city’s future.

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