JOB OPENING: Consulting firm in Pennsylvania seeks a full-time “Main Streets Strategist” to help revitalize the area’s neighborhoods

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Fourth Economy Consulting seeks a full-time Main Streets Strategist to help revitalize the area’s neighborhoods.

Fourth Economy Consulting is an innovative community and economic development consulting firm – we recently celebrated our 10th anniversary and have a strong brand as demonstrated by the engagement we have from our network. We envision a world where people are empowered to be co-creators of a sustainable future. We equip change agents with the tools to build better communities and stronger economies.

Our clients include community and economic development organizations, local and state governments, innovation intermediaries, colleges and universities, and businesses. For more information on the types of work we do, please see our project portfolio. Two projects that we are particularly proud of are One Macon and Hazelwood Initiative.

In early 2021, Fourth Economy joined Steer, a global management consultancy, to support our growth and expansion of services. Fourth Economy’s partnership with Steer complements Steer’s global economic development offering, and strengthens their already successful boutique consultancy, Steer Economic Development based in the UK. Collectively, we now offer a comprehensive approach that embraces people, skills, enterprise, infrastructure, mobility, and innovation to deliver sustainable, inclusive and equitable economies.

Steer is an employee-owned consultancy with 21 offices across North America, Latin America, UK, Europe and India. Since 1978, the firm has provided pioneering planning, design and advisory services to government and business – with a particular focus on projects that develop cities, infrastructure and transport.

We are looking for a driven, entrepreneurial, passionate, and rigorous professional to join our collaborative, and growing team. You will drive innovative problem solving for clients, manage complex client and stakeholder interactions, produce industry-enhancing thought leadership, and ensure the excellence of client deliverables.

We are especially looking for individuals that are interested in advancing non-traditional models of community and economic development to join our team of dynamic consultants. Our work encompasses a variety of issues/topics (economic resilience, inclusive and equitable development, job growth/decline, talent attraction, civic infrastructure, affordable housing, sustainable development) that intersect with communities and economies at different scales (neighborhood to regional).

The Main Streets Strategist will lead the Allegheny Together Technical Assistance Program, but will also be engaged on other client projects. This will include consulting services on other projects with main street and small business needs. Responsibilities for the Allegheny Together project include strategic planning and technical assistance for 7 communities, community partnering and collaboration coordination, 4E team and subconsultant project management and communications. This position is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Photo of Pittsburgh is by Storm Cunningham.

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