Littleton, NH successfully revitalizes its River District: Now the tough work begins

Littleton, New Hampshire‘s River District revitalization has been, thus far, a stunning success.

Beginning with a group of volunteers and donated funds, an underused alleyway off Main Street is being transformed into a destination for culture, dining, entertainment, and recreation. All of which are wonderful.

The next phase, however, promises more tangible results addressing longstanding problems that cannot be deferred any longer.

This year’s work will leverage a $900,000 town bond as a magnet for up to $7,300,000 in grant funds. $2,100,000 of those funds has already been received to repair and replace a laundry list of outdated, failing infrastructure—systems that affect not just the downtown, but a majority of Littleton and its residents.

Additional infrastructure projects–sewer, roads, and drainage—will require the Town to pay the entire invoice.

But if Article 3 is passed in the upcoming vote, Littleton will pay only 15% of the freight, with the remaining 85% paid by state and federal grants.

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