Liveable Cities Conference — August 12-13, 2019 — Adelaide, Australia

The 2019 Liveable Cities Conference will be held in Adelaide, Australia on August 12-13, 2019 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Attending will be leaders, influencers, researchers and practitioners who contribute to liveability indexes, sustainability, transportation, outdoor spaces, health and wellbeing.

For 2019, the conference theme will be 2020 and Beyond: Leadership in healthy and connected global communities and regions. It will be exploring the progress and implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, leadership from all sectors that contribute to vibrant, inclusive and well appointed cities and towns.

This annual conference will provide a two day educational program to facilitate presentations and conversations on the liveability indicators, managing and guiding change, happiness, health and wellbeing, strategies for the plan and design of people within regional and urban communities and the benefits of effective leadership.

The conference is in its 12th year and will provide interactive sessions, opportunities to network and collaborate with like minded professionals from a range of interdisciplinary areas.

Participation from liveability practitioners, academics, government, councils, corporates, health and wellbeing professionals towards a shared appreciation and learning of the successes and challenges of creating and maintaining healthy and connected communities.

See conference website.

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