Local bank gives $475,000 for community revitalization and affordable housing to five non-profit organizations in New Jersey

On June 1, 2021 in New Jersey, Provident Bank, a New Jersey-based a community-oriented financial institution announced that the bank had awarded $475,000 in funding to five non-profit organizations as part of the New Jersey Department of Community AffairsNeighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) Program for fiscal year 2021.

The nonprofit organizations will use the funding to implement revitalization plans that address housing and economic development, provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to start businesses and job training for local residents, as well as complementary activities such as social services, recreation activities, and open space improvements.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (the “Department”) served as the intermediary agency between the non-profit organizations and Provident Bank.

NRTC program funding from Provident Bank has been awarded by the Department to the following non-profit organizations:

  • Garden State Episcopal Community Development Corporation, Jersey City, N.J. – $100,000 for the “I Love Greenville Community Plan 2021”;
  • Lincoln Park Coast Cultural District, Newark, N.J. – $100,000 for the “Lincoln Park 2021” project;
  • New Brunswick Tomorrow, New Brunswick, N.J. – $100,000 for the “Esperanza Neighborhood Collaborative 2021”;
  • NORWESCAP, Phillipsburg, N.J. – $75,000 for the “Parnassus 2021” project; and
  • Paterson Habitat for Humanity, Patterson, N.J. – $100,000 for the “Northside Homes Parks and Microenterprises” program.

Provident Bank is pleased to support these non-profit organizations through the NRTC program,” said Joseph Spatola, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance and CRA Officer. “Our investment in this program is essential to these organizations’ efforts to advance their missions and revitalize their respective neighborhoods, and is consistent with our commitment to helping the communities we serve.

The NRTC Program, which is administered by DCA’s Division of Housing and Community Resources, is designed to spur the renewal of distressed neighborhoods through strategies developed by residents and the community-based nonprofit organizations that assist them. These local organizations prepare, submit, and receive approval from DCA for multi-year revitalization plans for the neighborhoods they serve.

The approved projects are listed in a qualified projects pool from which companies choose the ones they want to financially support. The NRTC funds must be used by the nonprofit groups for projects and activities set forth in the approved neighborhood plans.

The funds originate from corporations, which receive a 100 percent tax credit against various New Jersey state taxes for the amount of funds contributed to the NRTC Program.

Photo of Phillipsburg, New Jersey is by Bruce Livingston via Wikipedia.

See Provident Bank website.

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