Marin County (CA) coalition works for inclusive climate change adaptation

Shore Up Marin is a multi-racial environmental coalition advocating for equitable inclusion of low-income communities around planning and community preparedness.

They envision an inclusive, equitable future where we have successfully adapted to climate change and sea level rise in Marin County, California, the Bay Area, and beyond.

Their main focus areas are: Emergency Preparedness, Flooding and Hazard Mitigation, Sea Level Rise and Climate Adaptation, Water Quality and Social Equity.

Shore Up Marin is a partnership of Earth Day Marin, Canal Welcome Center, Marin City Martin Luther King Jr. Coalition, GreenUp Learning, and Marin Asian Advocacy Project.

The Coalition has identified key community concerns related to sea level rise, educated community members about resources and solutions, and fostered dialog, inclusion and understanding between diverse stakeholders. Their primary focus is on mobilizing residents and stakeholders from low-lying under-served areas such as Marin City and the Canal Neighborhood of San Rafael.

The key goals of Shore Up Marin are:

  • To educate the public, especially those on the shoreline, about flooding and sea level rise and the real and pressing issue it represents for our community.
  • To educate and learn from the community about current flooding, sea level rise and climate change impacts and future concerns including vulnerable areas, vulnerable populations, emergency planning, etc.
  • To support the leadership of diverse community members in emergency preparedness and response.
  • To foster alliances between diverse stakeholders to develop a stronger constituency to support preparedness and adaptation efforts as well as carbon reductions.
  • To make the case that inequitable solutions put the whole community at risk and assure that solutions implemented are equitable and support all Marin stakeholders.
  • To generate and explore new ideas and approaches to these issues, especially new collaborations and joint efforts.
  • To bring together the nonprofit, business, government and other sectors as well as diverse community members to navigate needs and restrictions and leverage resources and local assets.

See Shore Up Marin website & photo credit.

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