Masters degree in technical brownfields redevelopment (Czech Republic, in English)

The Master’s program of the European School for Technical Brownfields Redevelopment is an interdisciplinary 2 year study branch based on a combination of natural, economic and construction engineering sciences, including professional disciplines.

The main aim of the branch is to prepare graduates to manage projects and work activities in the restoration and development of abandoned industrial areas, often called brownfields. Teaching and education has a base in scientific disciplines such as mathematics, physics and chemistry. It is expected that a bachelor’s study graduate has such knowledge.

The study plan is composed of the compulsory subjects and electives that enable tailoring studies according to interests and professional intentions. Individual courses are designed to give students theoretical and practical knowledge to the extent of master study. Theoretical knowledge from lectures is developed further in field work, seminars, colloquia and exercises.

The case study solutions that are discussed and dealt with in the professional colloquium and practical field works have a significant role in the educational process. The case studies are created in order to help students develop professional, systematic and independent work.

Graduates are equipped with complex knowledge in the fields: Landscape and nature conservation, their components and functions, Technical restoration of functions of landscape segments, Environmental assessment of brownfields, Civil engineering and technical assessment, Economical and socio-economical assessment, Remediation and regeneration of areas, Consultancy and expert activities and Environmental protection and design.

Graduates are able to use their knowledge and attainments from particular sphere for solving the problems of the brownfields in the urban area and open countryside.

Program is offered in English.

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