Masters in Real Estate and Regeneration, University of Glasgow

The real estate profession is multi-disciplinary in nature so you will begin with a grounding in a broad base of theories and principles that will provide you with an understanding of how cities, markets, institutions and development processes function.

In semester 2 you will build on this knowledge base by developing core real estate competencies and a solid grounding in regeneration processes. Courses will involve you attending lectures, seminars and tutorials and taking part in project, IT lab, field and team work.

The MSc in Real Estate & Regeneration is intended to prepare students for a career as a chartered surveyor, primarily as a member of the Planning and Development Professional Group of the RICS. It is now one of eight MSc degrees taught within the Real Estate, Planning and Regeneration (REPR) MSc Programme.

These innovative programmes were initially launched in September 2006 by Urban Studies, which is widely recognised as one of Europe’s leading centres of urban research, following close consultation with the relevant professional, policy and business communities and has been widely welcomed by leading professions in the field. It is intended to provide an intensive fast-track entry to professional qualifications for well-motivated, high-quality postgraduate students.

See course website.

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