Niagara Falls, ON launches revitalization program for all 20 neighborhood parks

The process of revitalizing the full inventory of 10 parks in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is about to begin.

It’s part of a plan outlined by Mayor Jim Diodati during his state of the city address last month, where he said 10 parks will be replaced in 2017, along with another 10 in 2018.

We have more of standardized park installation, so we’re not going to redesign every single park. We’re going to have a couple of options, but in large they’re going to be very similar because they’re neighbourhood parks, so most neighbourhoods want the same things, some things to climb on, some things to swing on, you want it to be in some ways to be accessible and low maintenance,” said Mayor Diodati.

The nation of Canada is will be celebrating its 150th birthday next year (called “Canada 150”), so the park renovations will have a Canadiana theme.

Feature photo by Storm Cunningham.

See full article by Ray Spiteri in the Niagara Falls Review.

See Niagara Falls website.

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