Memphis neighborhood revitalization gives summer work and opportunities to youth

It’s a program that keeps teens on the streets, but instead of getting in trouble, they’re painting homes, cutting grass, and beautifying areas.

Pastor Torrie Wilson says the “Every Man For Every Man” revitalization project is the answer to reducing crime in Memphis, Tennessee and getting kids to succeed. “We have pockets of young men and young women all over the Memphis community idle during working hours,” he says. “If you have idleness during working hours you have poverty. If you have poverty, you have crime and you have frustration.

Jebori Thomas, 18, went through the program last year. He already has his own lawn care business and is headed to Southwest Community College.

He says he owes much of his success to the project. “I want to make a difference in my community and show the youth that we can do it,” he said.

Thomas was one of many young men who found work through the revitalization project.

They teamed up with mentors and cleaned up neighborhoods all across Memphis.

See May 31, 2016 Local Memphis article & news video.

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