Mother-daughter artist duo revitalize father’s Minnesota stained glass studio

When David Kjerland died in 2007, he left quite a lot behind.

His stained glass windows still remind those who see them today of his artistry and passion.

His work for social justice still resonates with the many lives he affected. And his presence in the Northfield, Minnesota community can still be felt today.

What remains of David, himself, though, is his family. Now, nine years after his death, his wife Tonya Kjerland and daughter Cayenne Kjerland are continuing his legacy.

Tonya, who learned from and created windows with David for over a decade, is revitalizing Kjerland Studio, which David started in 1972, and Cayenne is at her mother’s side.

The two recently finished their first large-scale stained glass window, as a duo.

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