City to run public road thru private mall to reconnect & revitalize neighborhood

Supporters of building a public road through Southgate Mall property are urging city leaders to recognize the project’s benefits, suggesting it could set the stage for millions of dollars in private investment and bring redevelopment to a blighted part of Missoula, Montana.

The City Council’s Administration and Finance Committee continued its discussions Wednesday surrounding plans presented earlier this year by Southgate Mall Associates and its $64 million redevelopment.

While the project is expected to move forward in one form or another, supporters believe a private-public partnership between developers and the city could have a greater impact on south Missoula.

To spark that renewal and establish the connectivity envisioned in past planning documents, the city must consider a $6.9 million bond to create a public road through what’s now private property.

Southgate Mall has already agreed to donate its portion of the right-of-way to accommodate the new public street, which carries a value of roughly $2 million.

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