Moscow, Russia reconnects with its river

In the Fall of 2014, Russia’s capital city of Moscow sponsored an international design competition to re-imagine what the whole river and its surrounding areas could look like 20 years from now.

The winning plan, by a consortium led by the Moscow-based architecture firm Project Meganom, envisions a green waterfront with both sculpted parks and more natural spaces. It also imagines new transportation links, both on water and land, that put the river at the heart of Moscow’s future.

Note from Storm: Those of you who have attended one of my conference keynotes or workshops over the past 12 years know that I’m a big believer in the revitalizing power of water.

If you’re reading the “Sneak Peeks” of my upcoming third book, RECONOMICS: The Path to Resilient Prosperity (coming January 2020), that appear in some issues of REVITALIZATION, then you also know that renewing, repurposing, and reconnecting are the three key activities driving sustainable urban regeneration. Together, they comprise the 3Re Strategy.

The current global trend towards daylighting urban streams, restoring urban wetlands, redeveloping old industrial waterfronts, and removing badly-planned urban highways that isolate citizens from their water is producing some of the most powerful and inspiring revitalization stories.

This excellent Citiscope article show how Moscow, Russia is joining that trend.

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