Amid accelerating cultural extinctions, this new book examines the complex processes underpinning language revitalization

Long-time readers of REVITALIZATION have seen several articles over the years on attempts to revitalization some of the world’s thousands of disappearing languages.

This new book—“From language shift to language revitalization and sustainability“—by Albert Bastardas-Boadaaims to contribute to the overall, integrated understanding of the processes of language contact and their evolution, be they the result of political or economic (dis)integrations or migrations or for technological reasons.

Via an interdisciplinary, holistic approach, it also aims to support the theoretical grounding of a unified, common sociolinguistic paradigm, based on an ecological and complexity perspective.

This approach built on the fact that linguistic structures do not live in isolation from their social functions and must be situated in relation to the sub-and supra-systems that determine their existence if we are to understand their fortunes.

It is a useful contribution to understanding and promoting the processes of linguistic revitalization in the world, combining at the same time the maintenance and development of diversity while ensuring the intercommunication of human species.

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