Documentary on regenerative agriculture features Virginia’s famed Polyface Farm

The Australian-based nonprofit Regrarians recently released a documentary about Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm, titled “Polyfaces.”

The film showcases the unique and sustainable farming style pioneered by the Salatin family in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

It examines how these holistic practices regenerate landscapes, communities, local economies, human health, and soil.

Regrarians works with farmers, communities, and government organizations internationally to teach and implement regenerative agriculture.

Polyface shows how farmers can regenerate their landscapes, communities, local economies, customer’s health and most importantly their soils. In the documentary, we meet various characters and follow their powerful, personal journeys as they benefit physically and emotionally from the Salatin’s way of farming.

This model is being replicated throughout our global village, proving that we can provide quality produce without depleting our planet.

Agriculture is the most damaging industry but it doesn’t have to be and this regenerative model of food production could be just the thing that saves us.

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