New Hampshire village launches downtown revitalization program with…a planter

The construction of a new planter at the base of the town message board near Grange Hall was a smooth collaboration between a dedicated organizer, a volunteer stone worker and several donors of granite, signaling one of the first steps toward a planned revitalization of Chichester, New Hampshire’s village center.

Dan Schroth of Pittsfield built the sturdy bed where flowers will grow next spring with the help of his brother, Mark Colby, and son, James, who volunteered over four days on recent weekends, about six hours a day.

Schroth, for whom the project is No. 239 in his decades of stone work, said it may have been the easiest he’s ever done, largely because of the generous support from townspeople.

Lucille Noel, chairwoman of Chichester’s Heritage Commission, sought out Schroth and granite donors, as she works to implement a long-term plan for revitalization of the central location.

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