New Brownfield Listings service helps community redevelop historic school

After years of unrelenting work and three unsuccessful Requests for Proposals (RFPs) went unanswered, the City of Howardville, Missouri is moving forward in the cleanup of its historic high school.

A fourth RFP was published on when it launched its beta this summer ahead of the National Brownfields Training Conference (Brownfields 2015), where Howardville posted its project listing and RFP to an online deal room for Brownfields 2015 attendees and powered by Brownfield Listings.

We continued to feature Howardville’s redevelopment on in the days and weeks that followed, helping to shine a light on the terrific preparation, work and vision already achieved on the project. The entire Brownfield Listings team is thrilled Howardville’s long wait is over, and we are proud to have played a part in their progress towards redevelopment.

Redevelopment of the historic high school is not only restoring an important piece of Howardville’s past but is a main ingredient in its renewed future.

See full news release & photo credit.

See February 26, 2016 Built In Chicago article & photo credit.

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